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NIH ポスドク募集

NIHのDr. Shih-Chieh Linより、postdocの募集がありましたので、代理投稿いたします。Dr. Shih-Chieh LinはDuke大学のMiguel Nicolelisラボ出身で、多点電極を用いたbasal forbrainの解析を行っています。温厚で親しみやすい人柄です。興味のある方はShih-Chiehへ直接ご連絡下さい。
Shih-Chieh Lin


The National Institute on Aging (NIA), a major research component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is recruiting postdoctoral fellows in the Laboratory of Experimental Gerontology (LEG), located on the Bayview Campus in Baltimore, Maryland.   

The candidates will work with Dr. Shih-Chieh Lin, principal investigator of the newly established Neural Circuits and Cognition Unit in LEG. The mission of the Neural Circuits and Cognition Unit is to understand how cognitive functions are mediated by interactions of cortical and subcortical circuits. The primary focus of the laboratory is to elucidate how specific basal forebrain neuronal populations modulate cortical activity to serve as mechanisms for top-down attention. The laboratory combines multiple experimental approaches, including neuronal ensemble recording in behaving rats and mice, as well as behavioral, genetic, pharmacological and computational techniques. Individuals with interests and background in attention, reward or basal forebrain circuitry are especially encouraged to apply. Additional information of Dr. Lin’s research is available at 

Candidates must have a Ph.D. or M.D. with less than five years of postdoctoral research experience, as well as a strong research background in systems neuroscience-related disciplines. Salary is commensurate with experience and accomplishments
Initial appointment is one to two years, with extension up to five years. Positions are open until filled.

Send curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, relevant publications, and contact information of three references to Kristine Rozankowski at
OR LEG-NIA-NIH, 251 Bayview Blvd, Baltimore MD 21224.  Additional information regarding the NIA IRP and the LEG are available at the following websites: 

投稿者:河崎 洋志(kawasaki@m.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

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