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Columbia University Postdoctoral Position

Columbia University – Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunity

A postdoctoral fellow position is available in the group of Dr. Emmanuel Zorn at the Columbia Center for Translational Immunology (CCTI) to participate in research investigating the function of B cells and plasma cells in the human thymus (http://immunology.sciencemag.org/content/1/6/eaah4447). The research will particularly explore the contribution of thymic B cells to protective immunity against pathogens as well as their implication in tolerance mechanisms. Studies will use a wide range of methods including primary human cell culture, B cell cloning, ELISPOT, ELISA, protein assays, RNAseq, repertoire analysis by next generation sequencing, and functional cell based assays.

The applicant will also be involved with collaborations within and outside the CCTI. The CCTI is a multidisciplinary research center affiliated with many departments and other research centers within Columbia University. The Center was established to promote horizontal translation of applied immunology between different disciplines and to advance immunology from the bench to the clinic.

The candidate should have a recent PhD in Immunology, Molecular Medicine or a related field with a proven track record of productivity (first authorship in peer-reviewed journal in English is expected). In addition, the successful candidate will demonstrate creativity, strong work ethics, motivation, excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to handle multiple projects as well as to work in a collaborative yet competitive environment. Familiarity with flow cytometry and in vitro immunoassays, gene expression analysis and isolation and culture of immune cells are highly desirable.

Columbia University Medical Center, located in uptown Manhattan, provides a world-class scientific environment for outstanding training, and is an equal opportunity employer.

Applicants should send a full CV, a one-page cover letter highlighting research interests and goals, and the name and contact details of 3 references directly to the Principal Investigator:

Posted by Emmanuel Zorn(ez2184@cumc.columbia.edu)

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