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INMED/INSERM Marseille, France Postdoctral Position

Postdoctoral position in Neuroscience/Developmental Neurobiology at INMED/INSERM Marseille, France

We are inviting applications from post-doctoral candidates to investigate the pathomechanisms of epilepsy in brain malformations, and evaluate novel treatment strategies.

Project: Malformations of cortical development (MCDs) are common causes of intellectual disability and epilepsy, yet there is a crucial lack of relevant preclinical models. The project aims (1) to characterize novel preclinical models of epileptogenic MCDs recapitulating pediatric epilepsy syndromes, and (2) to evaluate the potential anti-seizure or disease-modifying effects of novel therapeutic strategies. This will combine several complementary and integrated approaches, from molecular biology and embryonic brain delivery of transgenes, histopathological analyses of resulting phenotypes, to in vivo recordings in freely behaving or head-restrained rodents with single/multi-electrodes.

Environment: INMED (www.inmed.fr/en) is a mixed entity of INSERM (www.inserm.fr/en/home), a French governmental research agency, and Aix-Marseille University (www.univ-amu.fr/en). At INMED, 11 multidisciplinary research groups join their efforts to gain a better understanding of brain development and plasticity, and brain disorders such as epilepsy. Located at the heart of the Parc National des Calanques in Marseille, France (www.calanques-parcnational.fr/fr), INMED offers an outstanding scientific and scenic environment for a successful postdoctoral career.

Candidates: We are seeking a highly motivated person holding a PhD in Neuroscience (or equivalent), with a good track record in electrophysiology including patch-clamp and/or field recordings from brain slices and/or EEG recordings in vivo. Experiences in data analysis and programming are a plus. Excellent candidates with expertise in other areas may also be considered. The successful candidate will have the ability to develop projects with a high level of autonomy and work in a team environment.

Please send a cover letter describing your motivations and research experience, a CV and 2 references to Dr Jean-Bernard Manent (jean-bernard.manent@inserm.fr)

Posted by Jean-Bernard Manent(jean-bernard.manent@inserm.fr)

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